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SUSETTE SOUSA BROKERS INMOBILIARIOS se complace en ofrecer la opción de administrar su propiedad, el alquiler o la venta de sus inmuebles, oficinas o espacios comerciales dentro de la Ciudad de Panamá. Tomamos fotografías profesionales para encontrar al inquilino o comprador y ayudándonos tanto al vendedor como al comprador con sus hipotecas y realizamos asesoramiento
jurídico de forma gratuita. ¡No busque más!

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We authorize SUSETTE SOUSA BROKERS INMOBILIARIOS, exclusively and irrevocably, for the term of 60 days counted from the date, so that the process of promotion of the property sale
of Panama city, which is our property. The authorized sale price is which include everything in and / or attached to the unit.

In order to activate the sale, we authorize SUSETTE SOUSA BROKERS INMOBILIARIOS to place a poster, make the publications that they seem appropriate and promote the offer through electronic web pages and the current real estate network systems. All costs generated by these promotional actions will be paid by SUSETTE SOUSA BROKERS INMOBILIARIOS.

At the time of signing the purchase agreement, I will pay S & S Panama Real Estate, the FIVE percent (5%) plus itbms, as a commission for their intermediation. If at the expiration date we do not state our intention to withdraw the sale department, this authorization shall be deemed automatically renewed for the same term.

If we fail to realize the sale by offering an offer at the authorized price, I will pay SUSETTE SOUSA BROKERS INMOBILIARIOS the total of the commissions corresponding to the two parties. If we withdraw it in advance and without the existence of a reserve in the authorized price, we will acknowledge to SUSETTE SOUSA BROKERS INMOBILIARIOS the management expenses incurred up to the date of the withdrawal.

Mortgage or Lien:
Main House:
Succession in process:

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