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How can we buy or sell a property without a contract? How can we make a contract without legal advice? Some buyers will lose their down payments because they were not legally advice correctly. At S&S PANAMA REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE BROKERS we take care of you and mainly we take care of your money. WE OFFER LEGAL ADVICE WHEN YOU ARE BUYING OR SELLING AT NO EXTRA COST.


Within our services, we offer opening SOCIEDADES ANONIMAS to buy your properties please call for more information. We offer a number of practices that are focused on making the lives of our customers easier. Our services offer the full range of law, from labor law to commercial law, including Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Tax Law. It is one of our goals that the client knows Panama from any context. Our mission is to provide education to our customers in every imaginable aspect of investment and legal services. Our mission is not only to incorporate companies, but it is also to give our customers the assuredness and instrumentation, so that the investment is as profitable as possible.


The Private Interest Foundations in Panama represents a different alternative to Panamanian corporations or companies, by allowing heritage protection aimed at non-commercial purposes, even as a mechanism of testamentary organization or as a holding company.

We can help you in the process of opening bank accounts in reputable banks, helping you to prepare all the necessary documentation, such as requests for opening bank account, in drafting or obtaining the required legal documents, legalization of the Partnership Act and guiding you through the whole process.